Space to Build

S1E7. Being a Sponge with Julie Foley

January 06, 2021 Kathryn Hart Season 1 Episode 7
Space to Build
S1E7. Being a Sponge with Julie Foley
Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of Space to Build, the podcast dedicated to the hard working women of construction.

This week I chat with Julie Foley, architect and fellow nerd!  She is currently studying for her exams to become an Architect.  During this conversation Julie and I talk about her nerdy passions and asking questions.  Julie has the key piece to a successful career down - be a sponge.  She is always ready to learn new information and isn't afraid to ask questions!

We talk about the best time to ask questions and the connections she has made along the way that only helps her grow in her career.

This is your episode if you are always itching to learn more but worried about how you may come across.

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