Space to Build

S2E3. Doing it Yourself with Brittany Bailey

March 03, 2021 Season 2 Episode 3
Space to Build
S2E3. Doing it Yourself with Brittany Bailey
Show Notes

Welcome back for another season of Space to Build, the podcast dedicated to the hard working women of construction.

This week our guest is Brittany Bailey!

Brittany is a Licensed General Contractor, DIY Educator, and founder of a resource with over 1,500 DIY tutorials for everything from home improvement and repairs to crafting and smaller scale DIY projects.

In this episode we talk about becoming a licensed general contractor, home rehab, homeownership, building confidence around power tools, and more!  I really enjoyed learning from Brittany.  I hope you do too.


If you would like to connect with Brittany, you can find her online at

Here are some of the things we reference:

Pretty Handy Girl Links
Tool Tutorials:

Hiring Great Contractors:

Keeping Your House Warm:

Best Fit Face Mask:

Etta Adventures:

Millie Adventures:


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